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Welcome to Kusipacha Alpacas......
We and our alpacas live close to the very southern tip of Sweden in an area that is very green ....... with soft hills and the sea nearby. Our first meeting with the alpaca sparked love at first sight .... or passion rather. And as in any beatiful love story the passion has transformed into a love for these precious beings, a love that continously deepens and widens.  Click the picture above and meet 'alpaca of the week' (sorry not in english yet) - will open in new window

Our first alpacas arrived in September of 2005 and today we have 35 animals. The learning process has been intense to say the least.... and wonderful. The alpaca is an enigmatic and fascinating being...... so dependent on its herd and still so individual ..... almost eccentric at times. Just spending quiet time with them is magic and they are forever beautiful to watch.
The name of our farm, Kusipacha, comes from quechua .... one of the languages still spoken in the countries where the alpaca originates, alongside with Spanish .... and it was spoken there long before the Spaniards landed in South America. Kusi means happy or full of joy and pacha means earth (the planet). Kusipacha - the happy earth - is the quechua indians version of our 'paradise'. Personally I am kusi kusi about our animals and our first and foremost priority is that they shall be kusi pacos...........  quite correct..... paco is quechua for alpaca.
We are working with the website and will expand it bit by bit
Very welcome to visit with us and our animals. Contact us for driving directions.
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